Brides Rule! Help her decompress and ease her pre-wedding jitters and tensions


Bachelorette parties are a celebration of a bride-to-be’s last days of being single. Spa La Posada is a wonderful place for female bonding, and the party flows seamlessly.

When Vanessa, one of our gorgeous clients, was looking for an alternative to the stereotypical bachelorette party, she chose to schedule a pampering day for herself and her bridal party at Spa La Posada.

Vanessa and eight lovely ladies experienced their first Bachelorette Spa Party and indulged in Swedish massages, hydrating body cocoons, hot stone massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures.

They enjoyed wine, mimosas, cucumber water, coffee, hors d’oeuvres and seriously felt like VIPs, which they are!

Spa La Posada is available to host private parties including bridal showers, bachelorette parties and bachelor parties. For brides-to-be and grooms-to-be desiring a couples retreat prior to the big day, we can certainly accommodate a romantic getaway as well.

Contact 956-687-7544 in McAllen or 956-412-6363 in Harlingen to make spa party reservations.

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Spring’s Ultra Feminine Beauty

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On March 4, Spa La Posada is hosting a Spring Beauty Event with free mini makeover and beauty sessions.

Spa La Posada is excited to bring you our biggest Spring Beauty Event! On Friday, March 4th we’re going to kick off our Merle Norman Cosmetics Spring Collection with mini makeovers galore!
From “Eyeshadow Essentials” to “The Perfect Pout,” our beauty experts will provide you with the makeup tips you need to achieve a flawless and updated look!

Call in to reserve your spot for a free 15-minute session with one of our marvelous beauty mavens. Each guest will not only go home feeling gorgeous, you’ll also leave with a free gift.

Our Spring Beauty Event will be taking place at our three locations: McAllen from 10 am-7 pm, Harlingen from 10 am-6 pm and Brownsville from 10 am-9 pm.

Here’s a list of the mini sessions you can choose from at our event:

Beautiful Brows
Eyebrows are a hot topic! Our beauty experts will give you tips to finally getting the full, pretty eyebrows you want.

Eye Shadow Essentials
This mini session is perfect to learn how to update your Spring makeup look. We’ll help you achieve the perfect look based on your eye shape and show you the best colors and techniques to use.

Flawless Foundation
The first step in foundation is finding a product that’s perfect for your individual skin type. We’ll help you find the right shade for your skin tone and teach you how to apply it without getting that cakey look.

Correct and Conceal
Find out exactly what products will hide those little imperfections, lighten up dark circles/spots, and conceal blemishes. We’ll show you which products we’re absolutely obsessed about!

Blush, Bronze, and Glow
Choosing the right blush, bronzer, and highlighter is key for a polished look. We’ll help you find the right products and brushes to get your glow on!

Perfect Pout
During this mini session, our experts will help you find the right shade of lip color that best complements your personality and style. Our beauty gurus will teach you all about color and texture to achieve a “selfie” worthy pout!

Liner and Lashes
A lot of women are scared to attempt applying liner and lashes. We’ll teach you how to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner. With our tips and some practice, you’ll get it! *Lashes sold separately.

Reserve your spot today! Call (956) 687-7544 (McAllen); (956) 412-6363 (Harlingen); or (956) 546-1638 (Brownsville) for more details.


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It’s free gift time!

It’s here! Our Merle Norman Spring Gift With Purchase offer!

Receive four trial-sizes of some of our most popular skin care products.

Energizing Concentrate
Super-charge your skin care with this mighty hydrator. Sodium Hyaluronate helps boost the performance of any moisturizer by improving skin’s moisture barrier, keeping it hydrated and comfortable longer. Apply before your favorite moisturizer to maximize hydration. Emollients and humectants hydrate skin leaving it soft and smooth. Time-released antioxidants soothe, condition, improve clarity and even out skin tone while Vivillume helps restore skin luminosity. Leaves skin looking radiant, feeling silky and baby soft.

Revitalizing Bubbly Mask
Recharge skin with brightening bubbles! This fun multi-sensory formula with a refreshing scent will excite your senses while reviving skin. Designed to recapture skin’s youthful vitality, this mask conditions, clarifies and evens skin tone.

Brilliant-C Moisturizer
Wish your skin could “glow” back in time? This anti-aging brightening moisturizer infuses skin with essential hydrators and our exclusive Bright+ Complex® — a blend of Vitamin C and other brightening agents — that help diminish the appearance of spots and discoloration, and restore a luminous, youthful glow.

Brilliant-C Neck and Chest Cream
This advanced brightening cream targets both spots and discoloration. It helps diminish the appearance of spots with our exclusive Bright+ Complex® — a blend of Vitamin C and other brightening agents

When you purchase two Merle Norman items you’ll receive these four complimentary gifts! Only while supplies last. We do sell out fast, so don’t hesitate. Just stop by any of our three locations – McAllen, Harlingen or Brownsville. Call (956) 687-7544 (McAllen); (956) 412-6363 (Harlingen); or (956) 546-1638 (Brownsville) for more details.


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Sweet Pampering for your Valentine

Whooooa…hold your ‘heart-shaped boxes & silky lingerie’ horses 2016!! Can you believe that we’re less than a month away from Valentine’s Day!?! We can’t either, but I have to tell you, we are super excited about it!

It’s the time of year you get to show someone you cherish just how much they mean to you. Regardless of relationship status, it’s a day to say, “Hey, you are loved & you deserve to be pampered.”

I like the idea that there’s a designated day to show our appreciation or love for special people in our lives – mothers, teachers, mentors, etc. Not to say that we can’t be lovey all year long, but let’s be honest most of us are so busy in our daily lives that it’s nice to take a moment to be giving and to feel appreciated.

Valentine’s Day means many things to many people, but few can deny that February 14 is all about love. My sweetest Valentine’s Day memory is one where both of my loves (my daughter & son) made adorable cards at school for me and then we celebrated by overloading on chocolate. It was wonderful.

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day memories, Spa La Posada is designating Valentine’s Day 2016 to the “Chocolate Lover’s Dream.”

Remember earlier this month we announced that 2016 was going to be all about YOU! Well, you are in for a treat! This year, we’ve added something extra sweeet to each enjoyable spa package – CHOCOLATE.

Chocolate Mousse Body Cocoon…FABULOUS!

Chocolate Lovers Spa Facial…LUXURIOUS!

Chocolate Pedicure…PERFECT!

We have many packages to choose from to meet your unique desires and your personal budget. Plus, with any of our Valentine’s Day packages you will have dessert breads and your choice of a delectable hot chocolate with whipped cream or a delicious chocolate martini.

We’re also offering gift card packages featuring a free cosmetic gift set*

I think it’s safe to say, it’s going to be a chocolate celebration all month long! We look forward to seeing you and helping you find the perfect gift for that special someone.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Edna Posada

*While supplies last.


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It’s time to treat yourself with Merle Norman

Merle Jan GWP

After the tons of gifts you’ve given your loved ones over the holidays, it’s now time to give a gift to yourself! Starting January 15, you can treat yourself with the Merle Norman Gift with Purchase. When you purchase two Merle Norman items you’ll receive four complimentary gifts: liquid blush, wicked lash mascara, anti-aging complex dry oil serum & an ultimate firming neck cream.

Merle Norman Liquid Blush redefines what a blush should be! This richly pigmented formula, delivers easily blendable, buildable and long-wear color to the cheeks for a flush that looks fresh and natural.

Bigger is always better when it comes to your lashes, which is why we love Merle Norman’s Wicked Lash Mascara. With its oversized brush for maximum impact, it’s paired with Arch Fiber Technology to add amazing volume, length and curl.

The Merle Norman Anti-Aging Complex Dry Oil Serum is formulated for all skin types and aging concerns, this advanced formula is ultra-lightweight with a unique silky dry oil serum that quickly absorbs into skin, leaving a radiant glow. It provides an immediate burst of hydration while working to improve skin texture, firmness, elasticity and fight off environmental free radical damage.

The Ultimate Firming Neck Cream is an ultra rich formula that immediately cradles the neck and chest to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking firmer, tighter and younger.

Take advantage of this special gift with purchase offer by visiting any of our three locations – McAllen, Harlingen or Brownsville. Call (956) 687-7544 (McAllen); (956) 412-6363 (Harlingen); or (956) 546-1638 (Brownsville) for more details.


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2016 Making Things Happen!

Happy New Year!

I am so excited about 2016 and everything I will be bringing to YOU! Most New Year’s resolutions focus on getting fit, eating healthier and losing weight. I am for all of that, but my focus this year is to bring you more FUN! Who doesn’t need a lil’ more fun in their lives?

When I reflect back to when I first started my business 26 years ago (yes, I was 5 years old when I started!!), I think about what made me so happy about helping others. What made my day was seeing the joy in a woman’s eyes after seeing herself in the mirror following a makeover, it was the sparkle in her smile after getting her hair styled, it was also that sigh of relief following a massage and secretly knowing that the weight of the world was lifted off of her shoulders. I LOVE bringing my customers happiness!

In the coming year, I have the intention to bring you even MORE happiness!

Here’s some of the FUN stuff you can expect from Spa La Posada in 2016:

You’ll be hearing a lot more from me! I’m working on a calendar where I will be sending out monthly newsletters filled with topics that you crave. I’ll be writing monthly blog posts on skincare, make up and fashion tips and tricks. Shoot me an email anytime if you’ve got a great idea for a blog post!

Something very special is about to happen with our boutique inside the McAllen and Harlingen locations. I am soooo excited about it and I know you will be too! Your inner lioness is just going to roar! (Yes, that’s a hint!)

Also, regarding the boutique…in addition to shopping in the store, this year you will be able to shop at home in your comfy jammies! That’s right, e-commerce here we come! Expect big noise from us when this launches.

Our customers get so excited when we share our stories and adventures about going to market. So, my daughter/manager/partner-in-crime Alexandria and I are going to take you behind the scenes to market where we will be shopping for YOU!

Spa La Posada will be hosting monthly mini-events bringing you the latest info on everything glam! People say that the Valley is so behind, well that’s not the case here at Spa La Posada, we’ll definitely keep you fleek! (Fleek = On Point)

We’ll be showing you some love on your birthday by relaunching our Birthday Perks Program! Please be sure that we have your birthday in our system so we can be sure to swoon over you when you come in!

I hope that reading all I have in store for 2016 makes you happy! Here’s to a very Happy New Year, filled with fun, laughter & the right shade of lipstick!

I’d like to know your plans for 2016! Write back and tell me about it.

Can’t wait to hear from you.




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Thanksgiving 2015

At Spa La Posada we are very lucky to have amazing customers who help us support many organizations and charities throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

That is why, as a small token of appreciation, we would like to offer all our clients who comment on this Facebook video a $10 gift card. Just mention something you are thankful for and we will send you a direct message via the comment with the $10 gift card for you to use next time you visit us.

The offer ends Thursday, November 26, 2015.

Thank you and happy thanksgiving!


As a token of appreciation, we are giving a $10 gift card to all our customers who comment on this video. Just tell us what are you thankful for and we will send you a direct message with your gift card. Happy Thanksgiving!Learn more:

Posted by SPA LA POSADA on Monday, November 23, 2015


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Wedding Makeup Tips by Spa La Posada

7 Simple Wedding Makeup Tips to Help you Look Great for The Big Day

Nothing is more exciting that having the perfect wedding.  From selecting the most exquisite invitations to finding the perfect venue. If you are planning your wedding, you know how important those little details are. Everything has to be perfect!

However, a little detail that most brides forget is their makeup!  Many brides think that they can just do a little touch up right before walking down the altar, and this has led to many horror stories. From running mascara all over your dress to allergic reactions to “that wonder foundation” your friend recommended. If you want your wedding to be picture perfect, remember these simple 7 tips:

  1. Have a makeup trial run: some people forget that the makeup should not only accentuate your face, but should also be in sync with dress and accessories.
  2. Test the makeup 48 hours in advance: avoid harsh chemicals and shady foreign cosmetic manufacturing companies. The last thing you want to have is rash or allergic reaction on your big day!
  3. Be prepared to cry: sometimes even the toughest bride will shatter into tears on her big day. Plan accordingly and use makeup that will not run all over your face in case you let down a tear or two.
  4. Find the right balance of colors: be careful and do not use excessive makeup. The last thing you want is your makeup completely distracting people from your beautiful (and expensive!) wedding dress.
  5. Do not experiment: your wedding day is the worst day to experiment with a new beauty product (no matter how much your bride of honor insists). Different people have different skin types.  Something that might turn your friend into a princess can end up being your worst nightmare. It’s ok to try new makeup, just not on your wedding day.
  6. Make sure your skin is properly hydrated days before the big day! Even if you layer your skin like a cake with makeup, it is hard to conceal dehydrated skin. Apply a hydrating moisturizer designed for your skin type days before your wedding day to make sure that the makeup accentuates your beautiful features.
  7. Go with a professional! Yes, your friends might be well-meaning and yes you might “love how they do their own makeup”. However, makeup application for important days require both technique and experience. Considering the importance of your wedding day, and the fact that -like diamonds- wedding photos are forever (just ask Facebook), it makes sense to have a professional do your makeup. They will advise you on the best shades and products considering your skin type and features.


At Spa La Posada, we have our very own Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios where experienced makeup artists can help you look fantastic. With the right technique & makeup, you can make your special day even more unforgettable.

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Mother’s Day Poem

Because you deserve to finally relax,

for all those times of sleepless nights.

Of chores and worries you are overtaxed,

Yet your love & care this house unites.

I want you to know how grateful I am,

for helping me study for every exam.

For helping tackle each and every task,

And for being there every time I ask.

With gentle care you help me heal,

your love & comfort I  always feel.

Because when you’re happy you shine,

Because your laugh is simply divine,

Because your smile keeps me in awe,

I want to give you a day at the spa.

To the superwoman in my life:

To my heroine who always finds a way,

I wish you a Happy Happy Mother’s Day.

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March Boutique Special

To show our appreciation to our boutique clients, we are running a special promotion at both our McAllen and Harlingen locations. Simply login to your Facebook and like any jewelry item you like from our March Photo Album. In the comments section, tell us why you want it. At the end of the week (Sunday-March 29), three lucky winners will receive the item they liked for free!

You can add your comment and ‘like’ as many jewelry items you want. We will pick the names from the comments section. The winners will be randomly selected.




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