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The thought of hair removal doesn’t quite often sound like an ouchless thing to do.  However, it is a process that many women and men are willing to undergo, to have a polished look.  As they say, beauty hurts; right?  Well, not in this case!  We’re here to tell you all about the most painless hair removal service that we’ve recently added to our menu.  

We are both happy and excited to announce that we now offer Threading at all three of our Spa La Posada locations in McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville! This particular service is unlike others we provide.  It is only tailored to cover the face such as the brows, upper-lip, chin, and the face itself.  


All About Threading:

Threading is an ancient practice, pioneered and used in Eastern countries.  While this type of hair removal service has been around for ages, it is still often unknown about or not offered in many salons.  

The beauty about Threading, is that it removes hair in its entirety including the hair follicle. Because of this, it promotes a much slower hair regrowth.  Who doesn’t love that, right?!  The Threading process is very quick, all while hair is being removed with a cotton thread in small sections at a time.  

What to Expect:

Let’s dive right into what you can expect at your next Threading service at Spa La Posada!

First things first, one of our experts will examine the area of your desired hair removal on the face. This is important to us so that we provide our professional feedback, while keeping your wants of the perfect look in mind throughout the service.  Once there is a mutual understanding, the process then begins!

The unique thing about Threading, is that you the customer are just as involved.  Here’s how and why!  While the Threading process is happening, the skin needs to be held tight so that the hair is removed painlessly and thoroughly. Here’s where you come in!  Depending on the area of the face, you will be asked to hold your skin down tightly with your fingertips, to ensure the best outcome of a pain-free experience.

And voila! Just like that, the hair is removed, and service is completed.  The last and final step is an overview between you and our consultant regarding what was done, as well as any touch-ups should additional Threading be needed.

The Wonders of Threading:

        If you aren’t captivated by this beauty treatment yet, allow us to tell you more! Threading is the most sanitary hair removal service of them all.  Why?  Because no chemicals or products are involved, other than a clean cotton thread to remove the hair.  After your Threading appointment, the cotton thread is discarded and never used again.  If you possess sensitive skin or do not like product applied to your face, then this is an ideal service for you!

        While we mentioned that this process is quick, it is also very precise! Because Threading removes hair in small sections at a time, it allows for little to no strays on the face.

Lastly, the cherry on top of it all is that this service if continued over time, can possibly yield in thinning of the hair which will allow it to appear much less noticeable once grown out.  This happens because the follicle of the hair can become damaged, which in-hand will cause the hair to grow back at a much slower rate.

What Threading Looks Like:

        Now that we’ve provided you with a heap of information on Threading and taken you through the process, we invite you to see first-hand what this incredible service looks like!  Click the video below to see Alexandria Posada get her brows threaded for the very first time with our Brow Expert Dani!

        Pretty neat, huh?! Threading has quickly made a wonderful debut at Spa La Posada and we have been just as in awe as our customers with the results.  For a consultation or to book your next Threading appointment with us, give us a call, visit our website, or visit any one of our locations!

  • McAllen4500 N 10th St Suite 120, McAllen, TX 78504

Telephone Number: (956) 687-7544 

  • Harlingen1205 E Tyler Ave, Harlingen, TX 78550

Telephone Number: (956) 412-6363

  • Brownsville:  2370 N Expressway #1056, Brownsville, TX 78521

Telephone Number:  (956) 546-1638    

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