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Hate Shaving? Waxing Is a Great Alternative! Here Are Some Tips About Preparing for a Wax Appointment

Getting ready to wax? Not so fast! There are a couple of things you should know before making an appointment.

Before you go:

While the first time may hurt some, most people find that it becomes less painful over time and the hair grows back finer after several sessions. Hair has different growth cycles and not all will come back at the same time so keep your waxing appointments consistent.  Remember, some hair may be in the resting phase at first and could show soon after waxing.

Glowing fact: waxing is an exfoliater so you’ll have smoother and radiant skin!

Make sure to use a moisturizer with healing ingredients like chamomile or aloe daily after your session! Also, no use of retinols or acids on the waxed areas for at least 48 hours.

Get your skin ready:

Simple tricks, such as moisturizing your skin (make sure your moisturizer doesn’t have any retinols or alpha hydroxy acids because your skin may lift due to the exfoliation) and ditching the razor for a week or two before your appointment can make all the difference. Once your hair is long enough for waxing, make an appointment at your favorite spa or salon. Next, follow these steps for a smooth painless experience:

Avoid Sun Exposure

Try not to spend long hours outdoors or head to the beach before and after waxing. The UV rays may cause burns and damage your skin, which increases its sensitivity. Waxing at this point could result in removal of the top layer of the skin.

Plus, remember that UV radiation is the primary cause of aging. It triggers inflammation, delays wound healing, and stimulates the production of free radicals.

Avoid Retinols and Alpha Hydroxy Acids

One of the side effects of retinols or retinoid is that the skin cells become sensitive, which can cause the skin to separate deeper than it should during waxing. Due to this risk, avoid retinol products for at least two to five days prior to waxing.

Sometimes people say they were burned from waxing. Burning is injury from heat, and you would feel that immediately. Usually what happened was the skin was ablated (lifted) when the wax was removed. A few cell layers were removed and it was too much for their skin.

Other Waxing Tips

If you have cuts or bruises, tell your technician about it. Also, consider taking aspirin or other over the counter painkiller before your appointment in case you have sensitive skin.

Take a warm shower before heading to the salon or spa. This will prevent unpleasant odors and open your pores. Eat a light snack to keep your blood sugar stable; otherwise, you may experience more pain and discomfort than usual.

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