Happy New Year!

I am so excited about 2016 and everything I will be bringing to YOU! Most New Year’s resolutions focus on getting fit, eating healthier and losing weight. I am for all of that, but my focus this year is to bring you more FUN! Who doesn’t need a lil’ more fun in their lives?

When I reflect back to when I first started my business 26 years ago (yes, I was 5 years old when I started!!), I think about what made me so happy about helping others. What made my day was seeing the joy in a woman’s eyes after seeing herself in the mirror following a makeover, it was the sparkle in her smile after getting her hair styled, it was also that sigh of relief following a massage and secretly knowing that the weight of the world was lifted off of her shoulders. I LOVE bringing my customers happiness!

In the coming year, I have the intention to bring you even MORE happiness!

Here’s some of the FUN stuff you can expect from Spa La Posada in 2016:

You’ll be hearing a lot more from me! I’m working on a calendar where I will be sending out monthly newsletters filled with topics that you crave. I’ll be writing monthly blog posts on skincare, make up and fashion tips and tricks. Shoot me an email anytime if you’ve got a great idea for a blog post!

Something very special is about to happen with our boutique inside the McAllen and Harlingen locations. I am soooo excited about it and I know you will be too! Your inner lioness is just going to roar! (Yes, that’s a hint!)

Also, regarding the boutique…in addition to shopping in the store, this year you will be able to shop at home in your comfy jammies! That’s right, e-commerce here we come! Expect big noise from us when this launches.

Our customers get so excited when we share our stories and adventures about going to market. So, my daughter/manager/partner-in-crime Alexandria and I are going to take you behind the scenes to market where we will be shopping for YOU!

Spa La Posada will be hosting monthly mini-events bringing you the latest info on everything glam! People say that the Valley is so behind, well that’s not the case here at Spa La Posada, we’ll definitely keep you fleek! (Fleek = On Point)

We’ll be showing you some love on your birthday by relaunching our Birthday Perks Program! Please be sure that we have your birthday in our system so we can be sure to swoon over you when you come in!

I hope that reading all I have in store for 2016 makes you happy! Here’s to a very Happy New Year, filled with fun, laughter & the right shade of lipstick!

I’d like to know your plans for 2016! Write back and tell me about it.

Can’t wait to hear from you.