From Brows that WOW to a comfortable Bikini Wax, Spa La Posada is here to maintain the best waxing experience! Removing unwanted hair will be a smooth transition when you are in the hands of our professional and expert waxing technicians.


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Waxing 101

From Wax On to Wax off, Spa La Posada is there from beginning to end. Relax, we’ve got the professionals! All YOU have to do is follow these guidelines for a comfortable and rewarding waxing experience. It’s all about a smooooth transition!”

Let it Grow, Grow, GROW!

Put down the Razors and Tweezers and let your hair grow! Yes, it may be uncomfortable, but 1/4th of an inch long is the perfect waxing length. Embrace mother’s nature furry mayhem. Don’t worry, a few weeks of hair before your appointment is worth the waxing aftermath.

Avoid Your Favorite Moisturizer

You must refrain from using your favorite berry scented lotion for that day. Wax is more efficient on dry, and oil free skin.

Scrub a Dub-Dub

On the day of your wax, DO Shower. Pamper yourself before, soak in some extra girl time with a bubble bath if you must 😉 ! Clean, dirt free skin is better for the wax.

Chillax and Breathe!

Come to your wax dressed comfortably with loose fitted clothing. Freshly waxed skin needs a breather too!

Naturally getting your first wax may be nerve racking. Breathe In, Breathe Out, and Relax! A few minutes in, and it will soon be over.

Experiencing the Wax

Smooth Transition From the moment into the private waxing rooms, your comfort is our ultimate concern. Remember, they are the waxing professionals who are open to any questions that can contribute to a more comfortable experience.

Step By Step

Throughout the wax, our professionals will explain the process along the way. If anything is a concern to you, do let the technician know. Your comfort, concerns, and experience is what matters to us most.


Love is a Verb

So you love the wax and your lack of furry mayhem!! Now that the hair is gone, your skin needs some love and attention! Here are some tips on Loving your skin:

Scalding hot water is not your freshly waxed skin’s best friend. Let the skin chill and avoid the heat.

Avoid the Valley Sun and tanning at the beach for at least 24 hours after your wax. Again, your skin needs to chillax.

Double-check your everyday skin products and make sure they have no trace of the ingredient containing acid for the next 48 hours! Your fragile skin deserves to be pampered and cared for.

You survived your waxing experience and we hope you loved the outcome! Bumps, and slight irritation might occur, but off the counter remedies (aloe vera gel and hydrocortisone) can pamper your skin. Spa La Posada will always be here for any concerns of the aftermath of your wax. If your skin persists to be irritated and have a reaction, contact your dermatologist.

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