Nothing is more exciting that having the perfect wedding.  From selecting the most exquisite invitations to finding the perfect venue. If you are planning your wedding, you know how important those little details are. Everything has to be perfect!

However, a little detail that most brides forget is their makeup!  Many brides think that they can just do a little touch up right before walking down the altar, and this has led to many horror stories. From running mascara all over your dress to allergic reactions to “that wonder foundation” your friend recommended. If you want your wedding to be picture perfect, remember these simple 7 tips:

  1. Have a makeup trial run: some people forget that the makeup should not only accentuate your face, but should also be in sync with dress and accessories.
  2. Test the makeup 48 hours in advance: avoid harsh chemicals and shady foreign cosmetic manufacturing companies. The last thing you want to have is rash or allergic reaction on your big day!
  3. Be prepared to cry: sometimes even the toughest bride will shatter into tears on her big day. Plan accordingly and use makeup that will not run all over your face in case you let down a tear or two.
  4. Find the right balance of colors: be careful and do not use excessive makeup. The last thing you want is your makeup completely distracting people from your beautiful (and expensive!) wedding dress.
  5. Do not experiment: your wedding day is the worst day to experiment with a new beauty product (no matter how much your bride of honor insists). Different people have different skin types.  Something that might turn your friend into a princess can end up being your worst nightmare. It’s ok to try new makeup, just not on your wedding day.
  6. Make sure your skin is properly hydrated days before the big day! Even if you layer your skin like a cake with makeup, it is hard to conceal dehydrated skin. Apply a hydrating moisturizer designed for your skin type days before your wedding day to make sure that the makeup accentuates your beautiful features.
  7. Go with a professional! Yes, your friends might be well-meaning and yes you might “love how they do their own makeup”. However, makeup application for important days require both technique and experience. Considering the importance of your wedding day, and the fact that -like diamonds- wedding photos are forever (just ask Facebook), it makes sense to have a professional do your makeup. They will advise you on the best shades and products considering your skin type and features.


At Spa La Posada, we have our very own Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios where experienced makeup artists can help you look fantastic. With the right technique & makeup, you can make your special day even more unforgettable.

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