The Importance of Wellness: Mind, Body, and Heart.

We are working hard to keep you safe, learn more about our Spa Safety Guidelines during COVID19.

From a “Hello, how can we help you?”, to checking in to your appointment, to being seated for your service by a manicurist, stylist, massage therapist, esthetician, or makeup artist, to observing your surroundings and taking in the ambiance, to wondering how you’ll feel after your appointment, to the experience of the service you signed up for, to the final result.  This is the journey of a customer, and each of these areas play a big role in the difference we can make in ours.  

Over the last 30 years, we’ve been honored and privileged of getting to meet so many women from all walks of life, who have chosen our business to fulfill a desired service.  Through this experience, we’ve grown to understand the importance of wellness and how the experience of our customers while with us, can alter that. Allow us to give you an insight on what this means to us, and its benefits to you.

The complimentary one-on-one therapy session you didn’t know you signed up for.

We are human just like you, girl. Ever sat for a manicure or pedicure and sparked up a conversation with your nail technician?  We’ve all been there.  One topic leads to another, and before you know it you’ve either talked about your whole life story, or maybe about a situation you’re dealing with.  Without even knowing it, this mini one-on-one session could have been more therapeutic than your manicure.  Why?  Because simply letting your inner thoughts out may have either cleared up some mental fog, or might have made you feel better with the exchange of words and advice between you and your nail technician.

While there’s no denying that a mani/pedi is a girl’s best friend, and a fresh set of nails ignites happiness, we value the connection we get to make with our customers during this time and understand that this particular service has the potential to lift a mental or emotional weight off their shoulders.  

The service that does the body good…literally.


When we think of a massage, we can only imagine how great our bodies would feel and the type of relaxed oasis we could slip into. If that has ever crossed YOUR mind, we’re right there with ya!  BUT, a massage is much deeper than just that. Did you know that a single session of a massage can help reduce anxiety, tension headaches, depression, and relieve stress? These particular elements are things that we often deal with quietly and can greatly affect our mood, soul, spirit, mental space, and decisions.  It’s incredible that a massage can help cleanse the body of this kind of emotional buildup, and result in an improvement of one’s well being.

        A massage can do even more wonders though. In what way, you might be wondering?  A massage has the ability to do the body good by touching it’s functional health. It can lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, reduce pain of osteoarthritis, help fibromyalgia pain, and even reduce muscle tension. We know we’re not physicians, but a massage may just be that extra monthly prescription you didn’t know you needed to help balance your overall health.

New hair, new me!

Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that speak volumes! For instance, ever feel brand new after a blowout, color change, or haircut? As though you’ve just turned the page to a new chapter or are about to conquer the world? The feeling is definitely mutual!

Aside from feeling like a new woman, it’s that wave of happiness in our customers that we can never get enough of.  As beauty professionals, we never truly know what our customers are feeling unless they express it through their nonverbals or open up while in our chair.  While we try to detect these things, it is our duty to create a positive experience.

If you didn’t know, studies show that happiness shields the heart and decreases the likelihood of heart disease like a heart attack or stroke.  When we see you happy at any moment in your service or with the final result, it warmly hits us in the heart and helps protect it just like it does yours.

Beauty is more than skin deep.

We know that the skin is the largest organ of the body, but are you aware that it protects all of our internal organs from outside environmental threats like pollutants, bacteria, and the sun?  Properly nurturing the skin certainly comes with commitment to a good skincare regimen and occasional treatments catered to your particular skin type.  However, these incredible products and services have the potential to penetrate the skin even deeper.  How?  By boosting our confidence and how we feel on the inside.

Feeling 100% in your own skin, is one of the most beautiful things.  The next time you head in to Spa La Posada for a soothing skin treatment, consider this while you are being cleansed of impurities that’ll have you glowing from the outside in!    

Put yourself at the top of YOUR to-do list!

Who says you can’t create your own mini-spa at home? That’s right! At Spa La Posada not only do we carefully use products in our services that help nourish the skin and create therapeutic aeromas, but we offer them as well. We are always thinking of YOU, and by being able to offer products that’ll come in handy for a self-care day at home, is something we are more than happy to do.

Today and every day, we encourage you to be good to yourself. Sometimes the simplest pleasures like a bubble bath, listening to your favorite feel good music, or basking in hydrating skincare products, can make all the difference in your mood.

Cheers to wellness!

We hope that his blog post has given you a better insight on why we value the importance of promoting wellness of mind, body, and heart through our services at Spa La Posada.  We would like to take a moment to cheers to continue keeping practices of wellness, positivity, and excellent customer service strong and alive at our business.  Our customers are our priority, and we are so blessed to get to instill any kind of ease, happiness, confidence, and boosted health while in the presence of them.  Thank you for all your support of Spa La Posada McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville!

The Perfect Holiday Facial

We are working hard to keep you safe, learn more about our Spa Safety Guidelines during COVID19.

We’ve reached the most wonderful time of the year, where holiday cheer, gatherings, and delicious food bring us all together!  At Spa La Posada, we want to help YOU look radiant and youthful-like throughout this special season with our Merle Norman Pumpkin Express Facial.  Trust us, it’s the perfect holiday facial that’ll have friends and family wanting to know your newest secret!

At our Merle Norman Studio inside Spa La Posada, the Pumpkin Express Facial is 1 of 5 Express Facial types that we offer.  What’s unique about it, is that its ingredients work together to nourish, tighten, smoothe, and illuminate the skin. With the Pumpkin Express Facial, your skin will be sure to do all the talking!

Let’s get into what you can expect during your Pumpkin Express Facial, and see the results right before your eyes. Click on the video below to see Edna and Alexandria Posada receive this yummy-smelling and rejuvenating facial by our Merle Norman Beauty Consultant, Domonique!

Too neat, right?! Well, we’ve got a little more to share with you.  Not only is our Pumpkin Express Facial the perfect holiday facial, but it is absolutely FREE.  Yes, you read that right! It, along with the other 4 Express Facials we offer (Apple and Cinnamon, Cocoa and Vanilla, Lavender and Ginseng, and Oat and Chamomile) are complimentary at our Merle Norman Studio.  

Each Express Facial is designed to cater to your specific skincare needs. Upon receiving one, your assigned Merle Norman Beauty Consultant will assess your skin, and provide his or her recommended Express Facial for your particular skin type.  Express Facials take only 10 minutes to complete. So, if you’ve got an extra 10 minutes to spare out of your day, why not give your skin the pampering it needs for free!

To book a Pumpkin Express Facial at any one of our Merle Norman Studios in McAllen, Harlingen, or Brownsville, give us a call or visit us in-store.  We look forward to treating your skin soon!

  • McAllen: 4500 N 10th St Suite 120, McAllen, TX 78504

Telephone Number: (956) 687-7544

  • Harlingen: 1205 E Tyler Ave, Harlingen, TX 78550

Telephone Number: (956) 412-6363

  • Brownsville:  2370 N Expressway #1056, Brownsville, TX 78521

Telephone Number:  (956) 546-1638

The Most Painless Hair Removal Service

We are working hard to keep you safe, learn more about our Spa Safety Guidelines during COVID19.

The thought of hair removal doesn’t quite often sound like an ouchless thing to do.  However, it is a process that many women and men are willing to undergo, to have a polished look.  As they say, beauty hurts; right?  Well, not in this case!  We’re here to tell you all about the most painless hair removal service that we’ve recently added to our menu.  

We are both happy and excited to announce that we now offer Threading at all three of our Spa La Posada locations in McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville! This particular service is unlike others we provide.  It is only tailored to cover the face such as the brows, upper-lip, chin, and the face itself.  


All About Threading:

Threading is an ancient practice, pioneered and used in Eastern countries.  While this type of hair removal service has been around for ages, it is still often unknown about or not offered in many salons.  

The beauty about Threading, is that it removes hair in its entirety including the hair follicle. Because of this, it promotes a much slower hair regrowth.  Who doesn’t love that, right?!  The Threading process is very quick, all while hair is being removed with a cotton thread in small sections at a time.  

What to Expect:

Let’s dive right into what you can expect at your next Threading service at Spa La Posada!

First things first, one of our experts will examine the area of your desired hair removal on the face. This is important to us so that we provide our professional feedback, while keeping your wants of the perfect look in mind throughout the service.  Once there is a mutual understanding, the process then begins!

The unique thing about Threading, is that you the customer are just as involved.  Here’s how and why!  While the Threading process is happening, the skin needs to be held tight so that the hair is removed painlessly and thoroughly. Here’s where you come in!  Depending on the area of the face, you will be asked to hold your skin down tightly with your fingertips, to ensure the best outcome of a pain-free experience.

And voila! Just like that, the hair is removed, and service is completed.  The last and final step is an overview between you and our consultant regarding what was done, as well as any touch-ups should additional Threading be needed.

The Wonders of Threading:

        If you aren’t captivated by this beauty treatment yet, allow us to tell you more! Threading is the most sanitary hair removal service of them all.  Why?  Because no chemicals or products are involved, other than a clean cotton thread to remove the hair.  After your Threading appointment, the cotton thread is discarded and never used again.  If you possess sensitive skin or do not like product applied to your face, then this is an ideal service for you!

        While we mentioned that this process is quick, it is also very precise! Because Threading removes hair in small sections at a time, it allows for little to no strays on the face.

Lastly, the cherry on top of it all is that this service if continued over time, can possibly yield in thinning of the hair which will allow it to appear much less noticeable once grown out.  This happens because the follicle of the hair can become damaged, which in-hand will cause the hair to grow back at a much slower rate.

What Threading Looks Like:

        Now that we’ve provided you with a heap of information on Threading and taken you through the process, we invite you to see first-hand what this incredible service looks like!  Click the video below to see Alexandria Posada get her brows threaded for the very first time with our Brow Expert Dani!

        Pretty neat, huh?! Threading has quickly made a wonderful debut at Spa La Posada and we have been just as in awe as our customers with the results.  For a consultation or to book your next Threading appointment with us, give us a call, visit our website, or visit any one of our locations!

  • McAllen4500 N 10th St Suite 120, McAllen, TX 78504

Telephone Number: (956) 687-7544 

  • Harlingen1205 E Tyler Ave, Harlingen, TX 78550

Telephone Number: (956) 412-6363

  • Brownsville:  2370 N Expressway #1056, Brownsville, TX 78521

Telephone Number:  (956) 546-1638    

How to Prepare for a Wax Appointment

We are working hard to keep you safe, learn more about our Spa Safety Guidelines during COVID19.

Hate Shaving? Waxing Is a Great Alternative! Here Are Some Tips About Preparing for a Wax Appointment

Getting ready to wax? Not so fast! There are a couple of things you should know before making an appointment.

Before you go:

While the first time may hurt some, most people find that it becomes less painful over time and the hair grows back finer after several sessions. Hair has different growth cycles and not all will come back at the same time so keep your waxing appointments consistent.  Remember, some hair may be in the resting phase at first and could show soon after waxing.

Glowing fact: waxing is an exfoliater so you’ll have smoother and radiant skin!

Make sure to use a moisturizer with healing ingredients like chamomile or aloe daily after your session! Also, no use of retinols or acids on the waxed areas for at least 48 hours.

Get your skin ready:

Simple tricks, such as moisturizing your skin (make sure your moisturizer doesn’t have any retinols or alpha hydroxy acids because your skin may lift due to the exfoliation) and ditching the razor for a week or two before your appointment can make all the difference. Once your hair is long enough for waxing, make an appointment at your favorite spa or salon. Next, follow these steps for a smooth painless experience:

Avoid Sun Exposure

Try not to spend long hours outdoors or head to the beach before and after waxing. The UV rays may cause burns and damage your skin, which increases its sensitivity. Waxing at this point could result in removal of the top layer of the skin.

Plus, remember that UV radiation is the primary cause of aging. It triggers inflammation, delays wound healing, and stimulates the production of free radicals.

Avoid Retinols and Alpha Hydroxy Acids

One of the side effects of retinols or retinoid is that the skin cells become sensitive, which can cause the skin to separate deeper than it should during waxing. Due to this risk, avoid retinol products for at least two to five days prior to waxing.

Sometimes people say they were burned from waxing. Burning is injury from heat, and you would feel that immediately. Usually what happened was the skin was ablated (lifted) when the wax was removed. A few cell layers were removed and it was too much for their skin.

Other Waxing Tips

If you have cuts or bruises, tell your technician about it. Also, consider taking aspirin or other over the counter painkiller before your appointment in case you have sensitive skin.

Take a warm shower before heading to the salon or spa. This will prevent unpleasant odors and open your pores. Eat a light snack to keep your blood sugar stable; otherwise, you may experience more pain and discomfort than usual.

Visit our blogs for more tips on waxing, beauty and wellness!

5 Spa Treatments to Try in 2018

We are working hard to keep you safe, learn more about our Spa Safety Guidelines during COVID19.

Thinking about spending some time investing in your health and wellness? It’s time for a visit to the spa. Check out these 5 spa treatments to try in 2018 to be free from the everyday stress of our lives and make peace with ourselves.

Warm, fragrant steam. Skilled hands getting all of those aching muscles to relax. Skin looking better than ever.

These are all things you can expect to enjoy during your spa treatments, and more. Not only do these treatments and massages feel great, but they also give you and your body a lot of benefits.

Take some time to treat yourself  by trying these five luxury spa treatments.

1. Body Cocoon

This spa treatment leaves you feeling relaxed and leaves your skin looking and feeling hydrated.

First, you get a relaxing massage with gentle, flowing movements utilizing long, comforting strokes to provide relaxation, improve circulation, ease muscular tension, and stimulate lymphatic flow to flush out toxins.

Then a nice warm wrap infuses minerals, antioxidants, and essential oils into your skin. This heavenly mixture will leave your skin feeling and feeling hydrated.

You’ll feel completely renewed after this luxurious treatment!

2. Microdermabrasion

If you want youthful and glowing skin, this is the best treatment for your face!

This results-driven treatment is one of the easiest and most effective anti-aging treatments you can get.  It is a painless, noninvasive, skin-rejuvenation procedure using a combination of tiny crystals and vacuum suction applied to the skin. Its benefits are many: it softens fine lines and wrinkles, helps to smooth coarsely textured skin, decreases the appearance of scarring, decreases pore size, and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation, also known as age spots. It also makes it easier for high-tech skin care products to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and help build collagen, which gives skin its youthful appearance and provides you with instant gratification and an immediate, noticeable effect.

3. Bamboo Bliss Massage

This massage makes use of a particular type of bamboo roll. This bamboo roll allows the massage therapist to use special techniques to get all of the kinks and aches out of your body. The tension from everyday life won’t stand a chance against this treatment.

Based on Swedish massage, the bamboo toll is large enough to give places like your legs, back, and shoulders all of the love they need. People that are usually ticklish really enjoy this massage!

You’ll be left feeling like a whole new person after you’re done with this spa treatment.

4. Micro-Needling

Micro-needling therapy is an advanced aesthetic treatment used to target many skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, brown spots and pigmentation, open pores, congested skin, mild acne scarring, and dry and dehydrated skin.

It uses superfine needles to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, helping to plump, firm and smooth the skin. It enables better infusion of products and effectively leaves your skin with a glowing complexion and instant results. You can apply mineral makeup immediately, and then sit back and feel and see your skin improve daily.

5. Seasonal Polish + Steam + Massage

Do you want your body to glow like J-Lo’s? This spa treatment is the one to get!

Body brushing opens your pores before the skin is polished with a blend of a delicious seasonal sugar scrub featuring incredible blends of fruits, delightful spices and flowers of the season followed by a rinse. Next, toxins are evaporated away with 20 minutes under the steam canopy while receiving a scalp and facial massage. The steam opens the pores to detoxify the lymph system.

Finally, a 50-minute massage with a nourishing aromatherapy lotion that helps repair dry and damaged skin completes the extremely relaxing treatment.

Clear Your Mind and Relax Your Body With These Spa Treatments

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as treating yourself to the simple luxuries in life. Spa services are the perfect way to wash away the stresses of life, clear the mind and relax. Plus, they’re great for your health and wellness too!

These five are some of the best spa therapies and all are great for beginners and seasoned spa goers alike.

Contact us to help you plan the best wellness options for yourself.

The Most Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift You’ve Never Thought Of

We are working hard to keep you safe, learn more about our Spa Safety Guidelines during COVID19.

Father’s Day is right around the corner, June 17th to be exact!  As we listen to the heartfelt stories that our clients share with us, we’ve noticed that at the center of those stories are their loved ones.   At Spa La Posada we are in the business of people. This year we were inspired to create the most thoughtful Father’s Day gift you’ve never thought of.  That’s right, we were greatly inspired by YOU and the relationships that you value just as much as we value YOU.

We believe in making and creating memories, so to celebrate Dad we’ve curated some new and unique packages to our round of 2018 Father’s Day Spa Packages with YOU in mind.  We’ve put together a ‘Like Father, Like Son’ package for some quality man bonding time in our barbershop and an adorable ‘Daddy & Me’ Spa Package for the little girls who love a pampered day at the spa, just as much as daddy loves a fresh grooming at the barbershop. Together, they will be able to enjoy some relaxed spa time with manicures, pedicures, and facials while spending quality daddy-daughter time with one another.  (We told you we created the most thoughtful Father’s Day gift you’ve never thought of!)

With the help of a short Q and A, we’d like to introduce you to an extraordinary father-daughter duo who not only contributed to our inspiration behind designing the ‘Daddy & Me’ spa package, but are the face of our 2018 Father’s Day campaign! Their names are Rene and Sloane Ramirez of McAllen, Texas.

Q #1: What is your favorite memory together (with Sloane)?

A: A couple of years ago when Sloane was around 2-years-old, while vacationing in Panama, I had a milestone birthday. Sloane had been practicing and sang me the cutest Happy birthday song at breakfast.  It was heartbreaking…(I caught it on video)

Q #2:  Why do you like coming to Spa La Posada?

A: I like that I can quickly make an appointment online, and when I get there, Israel knows me and is always willing to give me advice on the style of cut.  The best part is the confidence it gives me when I walk out looking like a million bucks.

Q #3:  What is your favorite service?

A:  #3 is easy…beard service!


This Father’s Day season, let us help you create your own experience at Spa La Posada with any of our Father’s Day Spa Packages, or start a new tradition and create special memories with your little princess. If you have any questions at all regarding any of our Father’s Day Spa Packages or would like to customize the one you are interested in, give us a call at (956) 687-7544, or visit us in-store at 4500 N 10th St Ste 120, McAllen, TX 78504. On behalf of our entire staff, we hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day!


March Maskness at Spa La Posada

We are working hard to keep you safe, learn more about our Spa Safety Guidelines during COVID19.

Not into basketball’s March Madness? We understand! What’s a fun alternative? Spa La Posada’s March Maskness!!! Join us for our exciting March Maskness event which will begin March 15th and run through March 31st. We will be providing you with insights into our most adored masks, skincare products, tips, and facial treatments.

Want to know which mask will fix your skincare woes? Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect Merle Norman mask for your complexion! Whether you are fighting off blemishes, wanting luminous and even skin tone, or suffering from dehydrated skin, our experts will help you pick the one for your skin ailments.

First up, our latest go-to mask, the Purifying Peel-Off Charcoal Mask by Merle Norman.  Your skin will be purified with this cooling peel-off mask boosted with natural black Charcoal that absorbs environmental pollutants, impurities and other unwanted substances. This mask has won us over with its blend of natural extracts that hydrate and condition the skin. It is messy-free with its peel-off formula that clings to impurities on the skin.  

Our Clarifying Clay mask controls oil and definitely unclogs pores. Kaolin Clay draws out impurities, minimizes the appearance of pores and provides a deep-down clean feeling while eliminating excess oil. This incredibly mattifying mask leaves skin brighter, refined and radiant for a healthy-looking appearance.

What’s a great weekly refresher solution for dry, stressed and fatigued skin? Moisture Rich Facial Treatment mask! This intensive moisturizing treatment immediately rejuvenates a dull, dry complexion with natural ingredients that provide instant hydration. Cooling Menthol and Coneflower soothe and refresh while energizing vitamins leave skin beautifully soft and conditioned. Added firming ingredients help reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

Merle Norman’s original exfoliating masked marvel is Miracle Revitalizing Cream. It definitely leaves skin softer, brighter and cleaner by removing impurities and reducing unnecessary oils without drying out the skin. Pores appear refined and lines appear less visible after use. 

Finally, what’s a party without bubbles? Our Merle Norman Revitalizing Bubbly Mask is one that holds a special place in our skincare routine.  It is suitable for all skin types and aims to recharge skin with brightening bubbles! This fun multi-sensory formula with a refreshing scent will excite your senses while reviving skin. Designed to recapture skin’s youthful vitality, this mask conditions, clarifies and evens skin tone. Emollients and humectants hydrate the skin and leaves it looking radiant, feeling silky and baby soft.





What other skincare line offers free facial assessments and facials?  Our beauty experts are pleased to provide skincare assessments and treat our wonderful clients with FREE Merle Norman Express Facials at our Spa La Posada locations in McAllen and Harlingen, and at Merle Norman & Brow Bar in Brownsville.

We look forward to having you join us for March Maskness at Spa La Posada in McAllen and Harlingen and at Merle Norman & Brow Bar in Brownsville. Don’t forget to follow us on our social medias to enter a special #marchmaskness giveaway!!!

Here’s a #bts quick peek  at what we have to do to get the right pictures! 


For Mom Because…

We are working hard to keep you safe, learn more about our Spa Safety Guidelines during COVID19.

Mom’s been there for you from the very beginning whether it was when you scraped your knee at the park or when you experienced your first heartache. This Mother’s Day, show Mom just how much you appreciate her with delicious spa treatments and luxurious packages while she sips on wine, champagne, or a soothing green tea.  

Spa La Posada is the perfect place to spoil and pamper Mom! Our Mother’s Day Packages are calorie free, never expire and fit perfectly every time.  

In addition to beautifully packaged in store spa packages, we offer instant online spa packages and instant online gift certificates for busy people on the go!

Please give us a call for more details at 956.687.7544 (McAllen location) or 956.412.6363 (Harlingen location).

Say Goodbye to Stress with our Lavender Spa Treatments

We are working hard to keep you safe, learn more about our Spa Safety Guidelines during COVID19.

Between work, commitments, and kids you forget to take care of yourself. We get it, we’ve all been there. However, at Spa La Posada we want you to let go of your stress and anxiety by treating your body to one of our Lavender Signature Spa Treatments.

“We often take our health for granted, but daily stress can affect our health,” said Spa La Posada Owner Edna Posada. “With our lavender scented spa treatments we help your body and mind to unwind.”

Lavender Benefits

Lavender is an herb that has been proven effective by leading researchers as a natural remedy for treating signs of anxiety, which is why we have infused it in our luxury spa treatments.

  • Reduces mental stress and depression symptoms
  • Aids in restlessness and treating insomnia
  • Clears acne by eliminating toxins from the surface of the skin
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Battles respiratory tract infections
  • Relieves migraines, muscle and joint pains

Sip on some wine, champagne, green tea or cucumber water and soothe your stressful mind, life and body by choosing one of our sumptuous Lavender Spa Treatments:

Our seasonal spa treatments are available for a limited time and only at our McAllen and Harlingen locations. Book your appointment online at or by calling 956-687-7544 in McAllen (Hours: 10 am – 7 pm Monday-Saturday) or 956-412-6363 in Harlingen (Hours: 10 am – 6 pm Monday-Saturday).

Get Inspired about Haircuts & Color

We are working hard to keep you safe, learn more about our Spa Safety Guidelines during COVID19.


We dye our hair for multiple reasons and for some people it is an essential part of their beauty routine. Maintaining your mane can be tiresome, especially if you do it yourself, but coloring your hair shouldn’t be something that you dread! At Spa La Posada, we make it an experience that you’ll love and want to keep coming back for more.


The list of special events you’ll have to go to throughout your lifetime is never ending. Someone is always getting married, having a quinceanera, or there is a gala at work – the list goes on! We want you to look your best on these special occasions and we can help by styling your hair. Our haircare experts will make sure you get that Pinterest style you’ve been eyeing!


Healthy hair is happy hair; and when your hair is flawless you’re in a better mood! Getting regular haircuts is crucial to preserving the health of your hair. From straight to curly, fine to thick, we take care of your hair here at Spa La Posada! You’ll love our selection of Redken, Brazilian Blowout, White Sands, and Big Sexy Hair products that we use to pamper your hair.

Please let us know if we can help you with your hair care needs.

For Hair Inspiration, take a look at our Hair Album featured on Facebook:

Posted by SPA LA POSADA on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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