Some people say that bear bare skin is back. Nevertheless, the truth is that most women, and the men in their lives, still prefer smooth and silky skin. Before dressing up in your new Spring dress or putting on your swimsuit to go to the beach (we don’t even want to think about that!), consider why it might be a good idea to get your body professionally waxed.

  1. Avoid irritated skin at the beach. The truth is that if you shave right before that beach party, your skin will get very irritated when you hit the waves.
  2. Sandpaper skin can be a big turn off. Body hair continues to grow even after you shave, within a few hours your skin might get that rough sandpaper feel.
  3. Do not hurt yourself. Pinterest is great for home decor DIY ideas, but some ideas can backfire. Leave the sugar where it belongs.
  4. You get what you pay for. Some waxing kits and cheap shady establishments can seem like a good idea for body waxing. However, some kits might contain harsh chemicals, and some waxing places might recycle the wax or “double dip” to cut-down costs. With the risk of infection, sometimes cheap can be very costly.

Professional body waxing can safely take care of that unwanted body hair without hurting your skin or your wallet. At Spa La Posada, we take care of all the little details (including wax for sensitive skin) to make sure you not only get the perfect wax service, but also take care of your skin. Book your appointment online today!