A Guy’s Bulletproof Guide to Finding a Gift She Really Wants

She is the person who is there for you when you are sick. She works, takes care of the kids and the pets, and she loves your mom! She helps you keep everything under control and still finds a way to smile. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife, mother, or girlfriend follow these steps and you will give her a reason to smile all year long…

First Rule for the Perfect Gift for Her

1. Don’t give her another ‘thing’

Research has proven again and again that people prefer experiential gifts over material ones. A Cornell study finds that unique experiences produce the greatest amount of long-term satisfaction. For this Christmas, forget about “just going to the Mall” and give her something that she can brag about with her family and friends all year long.

Rule 2 to Give Her the Perfect Gift

2. Show that you have empathy

Men usually have a hard time showing emotions and this frustrates women beyond comprehension. Show that you can empathize with her and that you value her emotional investment in you. You can show empathy by acknowledging her victories and her frustrations. For example, maybe she’s been putting in long hours at work and yet she’s managed to have everything ready before the Christmas party; make sure you acknowledge her effort and give her something that shows you appreciate it.


3. Do not give her something you would like

You might be surprised to learn that she is not that excited about that giant-screen TV. Or that she rather trade those NFL tickets for something else. Do not assume that if it makes a good gift for you, it will make a great gift for her. Think about her wants and her needs. Has she been complaining about neck and shoulder pain or feeling like she has “no time for herself”? Try to look at what she says and what she does to get clues about what she “really wants”.

Rule 4 for the Perfect Gift for Her

4. Make it an affordable luxury

Yes, a relaxation Cruise to the Cayman Islands might be the ideal gift for her; however, circumstances might limit your ability to make it happen. The solution is to find an “affordable luxury” that she will enjoy. Something that is “out of the ordinary” but is still within reach. A pampering day at her favorite spa might give her time to relax and feel like a queen without having to bankrupt the kingdom.

Finding the perfect gift for her is about making her feel “like the only woman in the world”. Making her feel appreciated, pampered, and making sure she understands how important she is in your life.


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